Golden Era Academy aims to provide a challenging and inclusive education with an embedded focus on developing a culture of international mindedness designed to give every student success within an beyond our school.

We strive for a culture of cooperation with respect for individuals differences and community values.

We aim to develop an international frame of reference, in reponse to an increasingly global school. 

Life at Golden Era

When one enters the gates of Golden Era School, a sense of calm is felt and it is felt as the best cbse school. The beautifully maintained gardens with their blooming flowers and the school building come as a pleasant surprise to the new visitor.

There is hardly any noise that one usually hear in an area, which houses about a large number of children. It is pleasurable feeling that makes up the environment of the school.

Children are generally relaxed and enjoy coming to School, we are Cbse affiliated school in jagatpura jaipur. Campus has an environment of freedom, fun and learnings. Teachers have total academic freedom and a lot of experimentation takes place that is why we are the best Cbse school in jaipur.

Children are given a variety of experiences that expose them to deal with new situations and people. Children are able to reach out to teachers easily, The relationship between teachers, parents and children is a constantly growing one.

In short, GES is a family and all its members be it the - children, the teachers, the parents or the support staff - have a long lasting bonds.

We focus on developing habits such as punctuality, regularity, working according to a time table, self reliance, especially developing independent study techniques or learning to learn by oneself,etc.